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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Week 1 Term 4

This week in maths we learnt all about equal sharing and fractions. We shared groups of objects equally between ourselves and a buddy so we had half each.

Then we shared objects between 4 of us, so we each had a quarter of the objects and some of us even shared our objects into fifths.

We finished of by doing a worksheet so Tracy could see how much we had learnt. The best bit of all was sharing popcorn because then we got to eat it! In fact we are going a bit popcorn crazy in Room 11 as we have started our new inquiry topic called "The Popcorn Shop". We are using the SAUCE model of inquiry as shown here.
We set the scene by comparing 2 types of popcorn, Kettle Corn and Frutti popcorn to see which was most popular. The Kettle corn won by one vote. We liked this best because it was crunchier than the Frutti popcorn.

Then we moved on to  the Acquire stage by recording what we already know about corn and corn products. Next week we will be looking at different corn products, so if you have any packaging from corn products please send it in to class by Thursday.

On Thursday we had the first of 4 1/2 hour Grass Hopper Tennis sessions with Andre who already knew some of our Room 11 friends. See how we got on:
Friday was an especially busy day. We had visiting children joining us in the morning and we shared one of our favourite Sloppy Tiger stories with them before colouring, cutting and constructing our own tigers.

We then had our Kowhai Good Work assembly. Take a look at some of our Room 11 friends who have had a birthday recently or have been working extremely hard.

On Friday afternoon we learnt all about the Battle of Agin Court from Captain Blunder and his friends. Then we watched our buddies take part in a mock battle and cheered on the red team with our flags we had made earlier.

We ended the week with a story called ERF read to us by Thomas's mum. At the end of the book we spotted Thomas's name!

Our poem for this week reminded us to wear our sun hats at morning tea and lunch time. In Term 4 every child and adult needs to have a wide brimmed sun hat at school.

As you will be aware we started using a maths and reading on line eductaional site called Scootpad this week. It is the first time I have used it and I am pleased with the results so far. I hope you all receieved the information about how to sign up at home. If you have any queries pop in and see me or send me an email.

Still on the subject if ICT some of you who had iphones, ipads or ipods may find this information evening useful:
On 1st November, Allanah King, local ICT facilitator, is co-ordinating an iPad evening at 7pm at
the Wooden Spoon cafe, 251 Queen Street in Richmond sharing education uses and apps of particular interest to parents. The evening will be limited to 40 people. If you are interested in attending please either email Allanah directly allanah.king@gmail.com or sign up on this doc.

Tricky words: back
Grammar: verbs
Writing: simple recounts
Maths: numeracy, ordinal numbers
Inquiry: The Pop Corn Shop
Art: : Fabric and Fibre
P.E. Tennis and Throwing
ICT: Scootpad and Animation
Maori:  colours
Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Term 4 end 18th December 12.00 noon

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