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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Week 2 Term 4

This week we had a special treat during our fabric and fibre lesson. We wanted to make poi to practise plaiting wool and Tracy asked Te Pouahi if they would like to teach us some poi dances afterwards. Te Pouahi were so helpful that they offered to show us how to make the poi as well, so we had a whole afternoon with them on Tuesday sharing our learning together.

This week we have continued to think about narrative writing and we used the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff to help us think about describing a character. Here we are painting our own trolls.
This is what Will wrote about his troll picture.
My troll is green. My troll has long legs and big green feet. He has a small body and a green head with whiskers.
In our popcorn inquiry we moved onto the "acquire" stage of our learning by looking at different products made from corn and discussed how they looked, smelt and tasted. Here are the results for the products we have tried so far.

Our poem was also about popcorn. We published it this week but want to add some percussion to it before we make a sound recording to share with our families and friends. Have a listen to what we are aiming to achieve.

On Friday we had our Kowhai good work assembly. Can you spot some of our Room 11 friends getting certificates?

Finally we have been practising a new waiata for a special powhiri we are having on Monday. The children asked me to put the video up on the blog so they can practice at home, so here it is

Thank you, as always, for all your support over the last week and I wish you all a safe and happy Week 3.

Tricky words: back
Grammar: verbs
Writing: simple recounts
Maths: numeracy, skip counting in 2, 5,and 10
Inquiry: The Pop Corn Shop
Art: : Fabric and Fibre
P.E. Tennis and Throwing
ICT: Scootpad and Animation
Maori:  colours
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Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Monday 17th December Kowhai Big Day out at Founders Park, $2.50 per child
Term 4 ends 18th December 12.00 noon

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  1. I really miss all the creativity that was missed by me for some reason. I really value this type of study. I am very thankful to Tracy and everyone's cooperation.