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Friday, 9 November 2012

Week 4 Term 4

This week seems to have flown past, it is hard to believe that next week will already see us at the mid point of this final term. We had a lot of fun on Monday putting together our class adjective snake and making a voice recording to go with it. Plenty of enthusiastic participants and some great adjective ideas...well done tamariki. Take a look at the final result below.

We learnt lots of new facts about fish with Dean on Wednesday as well as practising our Tuxpaint skills during our computer lesson.
On Thursday we had our 3rd Grasshopper tennis lesson and it was clear to see the improvement in everyone from the first lesson a few weeks ago. We practised overarm throws to assist in a fast serve and general control of the ball on the racket.
Room 11 Grass Hopper Tennis November 2012 on PhotoPeach

In the afternoon we continued to build on the weaving skills we learn in week 3, this time using a variety of different fabrics. We plan to incorporate this weaving as part of a fabulous looking fish.

 On Friday we were invited to the official opening of the senior sandpit. We listened to lots of people thanking everyone who helped make the sandpit happen and watched the ribbon being cut.

The best bit was when we got to have a special play in the sandpit!

Wishing you all a safe and happy week.
Tricky words: goes
Grammar: verbs past tense 'ed' endings
Writing: narratives
Maths: numeracy, basic facts to 10
Inquiry: The Pop Corn Shop/ Diwali Celebrations
Art: : Fabric and Fibre: Fabric Weaving
P.E. Tennis and Throwing
ICT: Scootpad and Animation
Maori:  colours
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Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Monday 19th November paid NZEI meeting 1.30-3pm, please collect your child at lunch time if possible.
Monday 17th December Kowhai Big Day out at Founders Park, $2.50 per child
Term 4 ends 18th December 12.00 noon

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