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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 5 Term 4

In our Popcorn Shop inquiry topic we thought about what makes popping corn pop. We weighed out 50g of popping corn and it exactly filled one of Jasper's food scoops. Then we cooked it in the microwave and after it had popped it filled up 10 of Jasper's food scoops. We think it would have made even more but the microwave was quite old and burnt a hole in the bottom of the microwave proof container!!!!!
Here are 2 You Tube clips to help you learn what makes the pop in popcorn,

Tuesday was the start of Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light. We made clay divas to put night lights into. We will be painting these in Week 6 when they have dried out enough. Jasmin brought in 2 bags full of Indian clothes and the girls had great fun dressing up. Tracy brought in her Sari and Rohitash's mum helped her to put it on. Rohitash's mum and dad  also brought in some traditional Diwali sweet food for us...full of almonds and lovely flavourings. There is a new tab at the top of this blog which links to a variety of online Diwali activities.
Fireworks are a big part of Diwali and this week we hung our acrostic firework poems and pictures up in the classroom. Pop in and have a look at the clever picture frames we made.

             Fizzer’s everywhere
             Interesting fireworks
             Red roaring rockets
             Exploding whizzer’s
             Wonderful races
             Oh they’re so beautiful
             Rainbow racing
             Keep away
             Shooting scary sparklers

This week was our last Grass Hopper Tennis session. We had a quick warm up game and then moved on to practising a serve and having a mini game across the nets. There is a notice outside the classroom for those families interested in doing more tennis lessons with Andre.

Fridays are getting quite busy now with all our visiting children. This week we read the story of Rabbit and Rooster's Ride by Jill Eggleton and made our own kangaroos, complete with pouches to pop Rabbit and Rooster into.

Tricky words:does
Writing: narratives and recounts
Maths: numeracy, odd and even numbers
Inquiry: The Pop Corn Shop/
Art: : Painting and decorating our Indian divas
P.E. Throwing
ICT: Diwali online activities
Maori:  colours
Buy get your copy of the Central Food Cook Book now!!!!
Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Monday 19th November paid NZEI meeting in the afternoon, please collect your child at 12.30 if possible. 
Wednesday 12th December 1.30-3.00 Nelson Library Trip, helpers needed.
Monday 17th December Kowhai Big Day out at Founders Park, $3.00 per child
Term 4 ends 18th December 12.00 noon

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  1. Wow all the girls look beautiful in their dresses/saris so do you Tracy!
    I love your poem Thomas it is so descriptive - good job!

    Love Victoria