We are a Year 1 class at Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand. Most of us are 5 years old,
except for Tracy our teacher who is a bit older. This blog lets you know what we have been up to
and what our next learning steps will be. We love to find out what people think about our class
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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Week 2 Term 2

Take a look at the obstacle course our Room 5 buddies made for us. We love the way you encouraged and supported us in this challenge, thank you Room 5

On Wednesday this week we visited the York Landfill and the Reuse and Recycle Shop. It was a very interesting trip for both children and adults and we are all very excited about our new classroom mat that Tracy bought. Here is what Thomas thought of the trip:
Room 11 went to the dump. it was smelly. I had to hold my nose it was so smelly.
This term we are looking at Maori myths and legends. The first legend we have learnt about is Maui and the Big Fish. Watch this movie whilst your child retells the legend for you.
Our art and literacy had an Autumn feel to it this week. We went on an Autumn walk and then wrote descriptions. This is what Alfie wrote:
Autumn is about when leaves fall from trees and I like the warm sun. 
 Later in the week we concentrated very hard whilst making observational drawing of the leaves we collected.

Our poem also had an Autumn theme...have a listen.

Sounds: ee as in seed and or as in fork
Tricky words: some, here
Writing: simple recounts and descriptions
Maths: numeracy: numeracy odd and even numbers
Inquiry: Our Zero Waste Classroom
Art: : secret project!!!!!!!
P.E. Catching and Winter games
ICT: Digital Photography, word processing
Maori: mihi
Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Mon 7th - Fri 11th May SCIENCE WEEK
Tuesday 22nd May Suter visit to Angus Rita exhibition, leave school 9.05, parents needed.
Fri June 1st: Whole School Cross Country event in the afternoon, parents welcome
Mon 4th June: Queen's Birthday, no school
Thurs 14th June: Museum visit to Maori myths and legends workshop, parents needed
Fri 29th June end of Term 2
Mon 16th  July start of Term 3 

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