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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week 4 Term 2

This week Talia has led a series of Te Reo Maori lessons to teach us how to say our mihi. Next week we will be recording them to go on our blogs along with our self portraits.

In our Zero Waste inquiry we have been using our knowledge to think of enterprising ways to reduced our classroom waste. Here we are shredding our used paper. We found out from our home surveys that some of our families reuse their shredded paper for pet bedding.
We filled a carrier bag with shredded paper and decided to sell it for 50c so that we were no more expensive than the paper sold at the pet shop.
Talia was our first customer, she bought the bedding for her chickens. We are going to use the money we raise to buy more playtime equipment from the $2 shop. We can buy one ball for every 4 bags we sell. Keep a look out for the bedding on sale before school outside Room 11 this week.

In art most of us have finished colouring in our leaves with warm colours. There is a lot of detail to add and our hands keep getting tired so some leaves are still taking shape. Come and look at the finished ones on our classroom wall along with our Autumn descriptions.

On Tuesday it was International Families Day, check out our paintings of our families on the kidzstuff blog

Our poem  this week was all about the kiwi bird and next week we will be writing a description to go with this.
Tricky words: put
Writing: simple recounts and descriptions
Maths: numeracy: numeracy odd and even numbers
Inquiry: keyboard skills
Art: : Suter Visit to Rita Angus exhibition
P.E. Cross Country
ICT: On-line games linked to our Zero Waste topic
Maori: mihi recording
Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Tuesday 22nd May Suter visit to Angus Rita exhibition, leave school 9.05, parents needed.
Fri June 1st: Whole School Cross Country event in the afternoon, parents welcome
Mon 4th June: Queen's Birthday, no school
Thurs 14th June: Museum visit to Maori myths and legends workshop, parents needed
Fri 29th June end of Term 2
Mon 16th  July start of Term 3 

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  1. Wow room 11, I am really impressed with your clever idea to sell shredded paper to raise money to buy new things for your classroom. What a great way to recycle your paper. I am really looking forward to hearing some of your mihi and seeing your self portraits too.