We are a Year 1 class at Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand. Most of us are 5 years old,
except for Tracy our teacher who is a bit older. This blog lets you know what we have been up to
and what our next learning steps will be. We love to find out what people think about our class
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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Week 7 Term 2

On Tuesday this week we were invited by Room 6 to look at the toys they had made as part of their inquiry topic on electrical circuits. All the toys were a big hit especially the ones with cars. Well done Room 6.
As part of own inquiry topic on Zero Waste we had made some yoghurt of our own. On Tuesday we tasted the results of our culinary efforts and all agreed it tasted yummy.
We worked out that the tub of yoghurt was the same as 10 small pottles of yoghurt. That is a big waste reduction. It is also a big money saver as 10 pottles on special would cost $7.49 and the yoghurt mix only cost us $2.99 on special. Go on...make the change.
Wednesday was a day that will stick in our memories for months to come as a storm ripped through Nelson. Thank you to everyone for coming to collect your children so promptly. Here is a sample of their feelings on the event:
It was Wednesday. It was windy and cold. There were breaking branches and trees were falling. Trees were bending and wiggling.
On Wednesday I didn’t like the day at all and I felt scared. It was raining and very windy. Instead of playing at lunch we watched a DVD, it was fun.
On Wednesday it was raining. It was horrible. It felt like guns shooting at me. It was cold. I had to put my jersey on. I got blown away. It was funny. I went “Ha, ha, ha.”
On Wednesday it was rainy. I did not like it. My chicken house fell over. They were not happy. My rubbish bin fell in the garden. Dad had to go in the garden and get it. It was a nasty job and it was noisy.

This week we added texture to our teddy bear drawings making our pencils whisper, talk and shout just like Esther had taught us on our visit to the Suter Gallery. Look out for our finished work in our class and on the Kidzstuff blog.
On Friday we helped some friends from Rutherford Street Kindy with a variety of maths tasks.
Our poem this week has helped us to hear the 'x' sound at the end of words.

Tricky words: this
Writing: simple recounts and descriptions
Maths: numeracy: doubles to 20
Inquiry: Zero Waste Classroom
Art: : tessellating taniwhas
P.E. Winter Ball Games
ICT: Tux Paint stars
Maori: Myths and Legends
Friday: Library Day, library books must be returned on or before Friday each week.
Thurs 14th June: Museum visit to Maori myths and legends workshop, parents needed
Thurs 21st June: Matariki activities and Kowhai shared kai
Fri 29th June end of Term 2
Mon 16th  July start of Term 3 


  1. Wow Thomas your Teddy bear drawing is amazing!

  2. Great Jack in the Box performance Room 11. We think you guys are cute.
    From Room 5 NCS A.K.A. Your buddy class